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Hammond Design manufactures a full line of brass instrument mouthpieces including trumpet, cornet, trombone and tuba with flugelhorn on request. Custom services and alterations are also available for all brass instruments. Consistent manufacturing with a wide variety of features has been a main strength of Hammond Design.

Karl Hammond is recognized by players all over the world for his commitment to excellence through superior craftsmanship and professionalism. Dedication to working with the customer one-on-one to aid that musician in receiving the highest and most accurate standard or custom mouthpiece they can receive is and always will be the goal of Hammond design!


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"Karl has already created a wonderful variety of original mouthpiece designs that are used by top professionals, and this is because of the careful and thoughtful way he works with all of his customers. Whether you need a minor alteration, an accuarate copy, or a new mouthpiece made from scratch, there is no better choice to assure the job will be done right!"

- John Hagstrom
Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Karl Hammond Design is dedicated to exceptional results through sound engineering and quality craftsmanship.
"the experience of sound in HD"

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